New eBook: The Moderate Religion …

This is an eBook that was written by one of the students here at Umm al-Qura University from Connecticut — Abu Abdullah Faruq Post. He is currently in the masters program in the College of Da’wah.

Click here to download The Moderate Religion

Please comments and suggestions are encouraged. Jazaakm Allahu Khayr!


About Abdul-Malik Merchant
Muslim. Husband. Father. Associate Imam @ISBCC. UQU grad. Boston resident. DC native. Biker. Goofy. Straight up.

2 Responses to New eBook: The Moderate Religion …

  1. ilyas says:

    As salamu alikum, i just came accross your web, mashallah, may allah reward you all in this life and the next. the book i just downloaded it. But i think you brothers can formatt it better, so it looks professional and student like, rather than, it looks like no care is taken in formatting.

    keep up the benefit and i will promote your blogg.

    • Wa ‘Alaykum As-Salaam wa RahmatuAllahi wa Barakaatuhu!

      Jazaakm Allahu Khayr for your input. Unfortunately this was not something that we published. One of my colleagues here at UQU wrote, edited, and formatted it himself. He doesn’t care too much about esthetics and more so about the content of the publication. Nevertheless, I will forward this information to him. May Allah preserve you and grant you and your family goodness in this life and the next, ameen!


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