Gentleness when calling to Allaah

In the name of Allaah, The Most Generous, Full of Kindess, and may peace and blessings be upon our Messenger, the one who was sent as a mercy to all mankind, his family and companions. As for what follows;

This is a translation of a small portion from the lecture: ‘Gentleness in the Religion’by our Sheikh, Doctor, Ibraaheem ibn ‘Aamir ar-Ruhaylee, may Allaah preserve him. Professor in the College of Da’wah and Usool ad-Deen, in the branch of ‘Aqeedah, at the Islaamic University of Medinah and Teacher in the Prophets Mosque.

When I was listening to this lecture I came across this part and found it very beneficial and thus decided to translate it so others can benefit as well inshaallaah. 

Sheikh Ibraaheem ar-Ruhaylee says:”And from gentleness when calling to Allaah is that the Muslim Caller treads the path of the Prophet, sallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam, in calling to Allaah. That is by guiding the people to the good with patience and forbearance.

As for one who thinks that calling to Allaah mainly includes speaking about the opposer(s) and boycotting them if they don’t comply with your speech, severing ties with them, being harsh towards them, and speaking badly about them, then this isn’t from the guidance of the Messenger, sallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam.

The Pious Predecessors were the farthest from this type of methodology that is attributed to them and they are free from it. However, they were harsh when it was called for, and they would boycott the people of innovation when it was time to do so.

Imaam Ahmad, may Allaah have mercy upon him, is from the most famous of individuals who was known for his strength concerning the truth and his hatred for the people of innovation but with that he would say: “Today, the people are in need of cooperation and gentleness.” He used to cooperate and comply with the people and be kind with them, may Allaah have mercy upon him.

Today, we fear for a lot of the students of knowledge, those who ascribe themselves to the way and teachings of the Prophet, sallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam, we fear for them harshness. Because, some of them believe that there is no way to call to Allaah except by being stern. And this is something deeply-rooted in the minds of a lot of the people, that you must be stern and boycott.

So much so, some of them say: “I called so-and-so but he didn’t accept.” We say to him be patient in calling him and supplicate to Allaah that He guides him.

He says: “(However) I called him and he didn’t accept.” As though he is waiting for you to say okay boycott him because they have become accustomed to this word (i.e. boycotting).

Allaah, ‘azza wa jall, commanded us to be callers to the truth. The Prophet, sallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam, said: “If Allaah was to guide by way of you one man, it would be better for you than the red-camels.”[1] He didn’t say “if you were to boycott one or two people.”

Therefore it is incumbent (upon us) to be gentle, patient, and forbearing. And it shouldn’t be understood from my speech that there isn’t any boycotting in the religion however it must be in accordance with its legislated rules. Also it isn’t the sole method of calling to Allaah rather it is a cure for its particular situation.”


[1] Hadeeth of Sahl ibn Sa’d, may Allaah be pleased with him. Collected by Bukhaari and Muslim.

Abu Fouzaan Qaasim

Islaamic University of Medinah

Al-Medinah An-Nabawiyyah

Dhul Qi’dah 7,1432-October 5,2011


About Abu Fouzaan Qaasim
American student studying in the Islaamic University of Medinah from Chester,PA.

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