Women of Our Region traveling to Our ‘Eid


This is a question that I asked Shaykh Abdur-Rahman Al-‘Ajlaan yesterday at his Masjid encompassing: women of our region traveling for ‘Eid. Insha Allah this will be beneficial to you. I ask Allah to have preserve and have mercy upon the Shaykh and his family, Ameen!


Also, a special thanks goes out to Abu Fouzaan and his family for preparing this video, Jazaakm Allahu Khayr!

— Abdul-Malik Merchant


About Abdul-Malik Merchant
Muslim. Husband. Father. Associate Imam @ISBCC. UQU grad. Boston resident. DC native. Biker. Goofy. Straight up.

2 Responses to Women of Our Region traveling to Our ‘Eid

  1. Aminah bint Watkins says:

    As Salaamu Alaikum Brother Abdul Malik Merchant, Jazak Allah Khairum for the work you are doing and the information you are sharing with us from the University there. May Allah continue to bless you and preserve you. Please continue to share this important knowledge with us in english, Insha Allah, Ameen!

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