“Do not become angry and for you is Jannah!”

In the name of Allah, all praise is due to He, The One. I send peace and blessings upon his final messenger (Al-Mustafa), and upon his family, companions, and those that followed him in righteousness until The Day of Resurrection (Youm Al-Qiyaamah). To proceed:

On the authority of Abu Hurairah (radiAllahu ‘anhu — may Allah be pleased with him), who said: a man said to The Prophetﷺ: “Counsel me”. He said, “Do not become angry”. The man repeated [his request] several times, and he said, “Do not become angry”. [Bukhari]

1- The characteristics of the Muslim: The Muslim is a person who attributes himself with the noblest of characteristics, beautifying himself with gentleness and shyness. He dresses himself with humility and affection to the people, displaying manliness, refraining from harming the people, forgiving them when possible, having patience during difficulties, repressing anger if transgressed or harmed, and having an easygoing happy face all of the time. This is what the messenger of Allahﷺ directed to that Sahabi (companion) who was seeking advice, when he asked him [ﷺ] to counsel him with what will provide for him and actualize with what is intended. With this brief phrase comprises all good and wards off all evil — “Do not become angry”.

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