Biography of Sh. Wasiullah ‘Abbaas


This is a e-book and very detailed biography of my Shaykh (Wasiullah ‘Abbaas), may Allah preserve him, Ameen! Insha Allah you find it beneficial as I did.

To read the biography click here!

In summary, here’s a night I had with the Shaykh back in January of 2009. In my defense, I wrote this as soon as  I walked through the door due to me being excited and so I wouldn’t forget anything:

It all started after Esha. There was a dars tonight with Shaykh Abdullah Al-‘Aqeel (he has the shortest chain of hadeeth of anyone living and just recently passed) and my shaykh, Shaykh Wasi, told us the day before that we wanted to go. So I met him at the Haram at his chair after the Athan for Esha. The class he was giving was in Urdu so I had to wait until the Eqaamah, but then I was able to affirm that he was going and that I could ride with him.

After we prayed Esha we followed the Shaykh to his car and we started going. Masha Allah I started bombarding him with questions about his biography and Masha Allah he gave us the entire thing:

He came to Saudi as soon as he had finished high-school, from India, when he was 17 and a half years old, “Before I came I only had a couple of hairs on my chin, I didn’t even have a beard at that time. It started to grow in Madina.” Because of running around and getting all of his paperwork together he was delayed and came six months after the time when he was supposed to. At that time Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin Al-Abbad was the Mudeer (head) of Student affairs. “He is a very nice man now, but at that time he was very strict”, said Shaykh Wasi. Also back then they didn’t just accept you high-school certificate, they would first test you to see where your placement was. So Shaykh Wasi place in at 12th grade. His father was against it but he didn’t care he knew he was going to be able benefit more. His classmates that had finished a year before him from the same school in India were able to start straight into the college but still Masha Allah Shaykh Wasi was patient. Then a month later Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin came back to him and made him go back to the 11 grade (I forget the reason why). So Masha Allah the shaykh did two years in the high-school program before entering the college

Before the same semester Shaykh Wasi graduated from high-school there was only the college of Shari’ah for people to attend, But Masha Allah the college Da’wah and the foundations of the deen was opened and the shaykh was able to attend there.

Subhaan Allah, the same thing happened the semester he graduated from the bachelors program as well. There was no masters program prior for non-Saudis and by the will of Allah after the shaykh graduated he was able to come to mecca and do his masters here. He was selected one from amongst six non-Saudi students to study in the masters program. Back then Umm al-Qura wasnt even a University. Rather it was a branch of King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah. The program was also much harder during his time, they had to complete two years of studies before they could work on their research paper as opposed to now where there is only one year. Six months before the shaykh had finished his masters he got married, Masha Allah

And Masha Allah the same thing opened up for the shaykh for his doctorate degree. There wasn’t one available before the semester he was graduating from him masters. The Shaykh said, “Me studying in the high-school program was a blessing from Allah. I was able to stay longer and all of these doors opened up for me. My father wanted me to come home to my village and work there teaching the people and Allah allowed me to stay. My classmates who came on time and went straight into the college had no place to study for higher studies. Some of them went to egypt to Al-Azhar and others went other places.”

Two week after he and his classmates had graduate, before they had even gotten there certificates, Umm al-Qura university became its own university and so they all received there certificates with Umm al-Qura letter heads. “I like to say now that Umm al-Qura was born two weeks after we were already born”, said the shaykh laughing.

Masha Allah once arriving, Shaykh Wasi read the book for Shaykh Abdullah Masha Allah. Shaykh Wasi’s Nahu (Arabic grammar) is so strong. He was correcting errors in the printing of the book, stuff that the Saudis couldn’t catch. Masha Allah!

Masha Allah we had such a good time Masha Allah with the shaykh, watching his driving skills and laughing with him. Also on the way back I took the reins and bombarded him with deen questions and Masha Allah he answered them in great detail. Allahu Akbar!


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5 Responses to Biography of Sh. Wasiullah ‘Abbaas

  1. Ahlul Hadeeth says:

    Assalamu Alaykum

    jazakallah khair a good read and futher insight to Shaikh Waseeullaah, i completed a detailed biography of Shaikh Waseeullaah from various sources and also directly sitting with him everytime he has come to UK, i started compiling in 2003, the Shaikh was due to come to the UK this year but is postponed inshaAllaah i intend to relay more questions pertaining to his early time in Jamia Salafi Banaras and his time spend with the great hadeeth Master, Nadheer Ahmad Rehmaanee.

    it is very pleasant to see your dedication and your scribing of his biography, May Allaah reward you with good, Ameen. also with your extended efforts with studying and with this outstanding blog. Keep up the Good work (Both of you)

    Wasalamu alakum

  2. Wa ‘Alaykum As-Salaam wa RahmatuAllah!

    Wa Eyyaak! I sat with the Shaykh in the Haram for about a year and a half Masha Allah Tabaarik Allah. I spoke with him a week ago Al-Humdulillah, he’s presently in France after having knee surgeries. Insha Allah he will be back in a month or so! I love the Shaykh quite dearly.

    I would love to read what you have compiled Insha Allah if you ever share it Insha Allah.

    I appreciate all of the encouragement. Take care!


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  4. Assalamu alaykum.
    May Allaah Subhaanah preserve the shaykh, and grant us and you benefit through his knowledge, amin.

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