SIMPLE MATH: Obedience + Patience = Reward

In the name of Allah, all praise is to him, The One. I send peace and blessings upon His messenger, Al-Mustafa, upon his family, companions and those who followed him in goodness until The Day of Judgement (Youm Al-Qiyaamah). To proceed:

Prophet Yusuf (‘alayhis-Salam) said to his brothers when they came to Egypt and realized who he was, “Verily, he who fears Allah with obedience to Him, and is patient, then surely Allah makes not the reward of the Muhsinoon (good-doers) to be lost.”[1]

‘Fear Allah’ in fulfilling the [religious] obligations and staying away from disobedience ‘and is patient’ upon what Allah (mighty and majestic) prohibited us from. Ibn Abbas said, “‘Fears Allah’ from Zina (fornication/adultery) ‘and is patient‘ in bachelorhood.” Mujahid said, “‘Fears Allah‘ from disobedience (evil deeds) ‘and is patient‘ in imprisonment.””

— Tafsir Al-Baghawi [2]

‘He who fears Allah with obedience to Him and is patient’, meaning: upon difficulties and disobedience. ‘Then surely, Allah makes not the reward of the Muhsinoon to be lost’, meaning: patient upon the trials and upholding obedience.”

— Tafsir Al-Qurtubi [3]

In this ayah from Surah Yusuf, Allah (subhaanahu wa ta’ala — glory be to he) mentions obedience with patience together, both being conditions to receive His reward. This tells us, that if one variable of this equation is void then the product, and how much of it you will receive, is undefined. Therefore, it is not sufficient for us to obey Allah without being patient with the trials and tribulations that come alone with that obedience, as well as it is not sufficient for us to be patient while engaged in the disobedience of Allah. We, as Muslim, have to make our hearts wholeheartedly content with the decree of Allah and obey him in that which he legislated; in doing such, we will receive the reward he has promised us. May Allah make us all from those when they hear they obey and when they obey are patient upon anything that comes their way, Ameen!


With that I close. Glory and praise be to Allah, I bare witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except He, I seek His forgiveness, and turn to him in repentance.


[1] Surah Yusuf 12 : 90




Written by:

Abdul-Malik Merchant

Umm al-Qura University

Washington DC, USA

Sha’ban 6, 1432 — July 7, 2011


About Abdul-Malik Merchant
Muslim. Husband. Father. Associate Imam @ISBCC. UQU grad. Boston resident. DC native. Biker. Goofy. Straight up.

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