Can Du’a Change the Qadr?…

All praise is for Allah, The Mighty, The Majestic. And may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His final Messenger, Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

Sheikh Abdul Muhsin Al Abbad (May Allah preserve him) was asked: “Does supplication (i.e. du’a) change what is divinely written (i.e. Qadr)? And his response was as follows:

“Allah is the only one who knows what He decreed in the Lowhim Mahfuth (i.e. Preserved Tablet). And the Qadr (i.e. Divine Decree) is from the secrets of the unseen that are with Allah that none from amongst mankind has any knowledge about. The human being does not…

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About Abu Fouzaan Qaasim
American student studying in the Islaamic University of Medinah from Chester,PA.

One Response to Can Du’a Change the Qadr?…

  1. Mukhtar mudi says:

    Allahuma inkana mukadar! What ever is destine for some one wil equally happen but Dua change & reduce d burden of such calamity or change it to goodness.

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