For the People who Claim Sh Waseeullah Makes Rulings Based on His Emotions

Bismillah ar rahman ar raheem
Alhamdulillah rab il alameen wa salaatu wa salam ala nabiyyana Muhammad wa aala aalihi wa ashaabihi ajmaeen ama b’ad,

I am sad to have to write such a treatise, but as I have seen this speech repeated more than once and I felt it was something that needed to be addressed.

The brothers state that ash Shaykh ad doctor Waseeullah Abbas has an emotional attachement and personal bias to Jameeyah Ahlul Hadith at Green Lane in England. I want to look at this statement and the apparent evil it contains and what is being implied by bringing such a statement, in the context it was brought.

Firstly, we can translate this word (emotional) to be a number of words, and from them is (عاطفي) and (تعصب) (ta’asub) and other than that. From the context, I understood from the brothers that they intended the word (تعصب) which is a bias or prejudice. I don’t have a problem with this statement, IF understood in the correct light (which I will mention inshallah).

Secondly, based on the context the brothers present this statement, it is obvious that it is meant to be taken in a negative light, and from this:

-by having a relationship of (تعصب) you disregard the proofs that others try to present regarding that group or individuals

-it puts doubts in the intentions of the Shaykh’s other rulings, this is what  seems to be the intended purpose of such a statement, and that he is unable to differentiate between PROOFS and EMOTIONS

-so do we now accuse Sa’d ash Shithri, Salih as Sadlaan, Saalim at Taweel, Khalid ar Radaddee and other mashayikh who have either worked with JAH or praised them, of having this same “personal bias”? Why did you single out Sh Waseeullah versus these other mashayikh? Where and when is the line to be drawn, and who are you to draw it? Why such unfairness and injustice, is this the way of a student of knowledge? Of a Salafi?

-who are you to question anyone’s intention, let alone a scholar’s? I ask you just as the Prophet salalahu alaihi wa salam asked Usamah ibn Zaid radialaho anho (هلا شققت عن قلبه؟), “Did you open his chest [and examine his heart]?”

-it puts doubts and (سوء الظن) (mistrust) in the Mashayikh in general, as such a statement can be applied to other than Shaykh Waseeullah when they make their rulings. Imagine if a person made a statement that Shaykh Rabee only supported SPUBs because of an emotional attachment or personal bias!! Any student of knowledge would free himself of either statement (either concerning Sh Rabee or Sh Wase), because both are evil and Allah’s refuge is sought! So how is it that this statement is accepted by some about Sh Waseeullah, another scholar of the Sunnah!?! Verily Allah says in his noble book:
((إن بعض الظن اثم))
(Verily, some types of suspicion are a sin), and the type that these brothers are conveying with such a statement is that type

*KNOW oh Salafi, that if you hear any person saying that any Shaykh has made a fatwa based on his desires, or emotions, or anything other than the proof (Quran and Sunnah), then that caller is a person who is calling to other than Salafiyyah, as this is known as (تنقص) or disrespect for the scholars. This is a known way of Ahlul Bida and ahwaa, to pull the people away from the scholars.

-it is a slander on the Shaykh himself by their implication (i.e. that he is unable to differentiate between the actuality and his emotions), and we ask Allah to allow us to have love and respect for all the mashayikh and not slander them as these brothers have attempted to do with our beloved shaykh

-if we take the above understanding, then it is obvious that this is (خيانة) (i.e. treachery) from the Shaykh, because he gives fatawaa on a daily basis, either in the Haram, or via telephone, and he is misguiding the masses due to his inability to differentiate between proof and his opinion

It further saddens us that Allah says ((إنما يخشى الله من عباده العلماء)) and many of the mashayikh of Makkah, including Sh Muhammad as Subayyal, Sh Rabee (1), Sh Muhammad Ali Adam, Sh Muhammad Umar Bazamool (and this is enough, even though there are many more) have said he is a scholar. So do you claim that he is making fatwa based on his desires, even though it is established that he is a scholar in the religion!?!

If you had said we disagree with the shaykh and stopped, this would have been enough, and we would have no reason to respond! But, you went into extremism and made such a bold claim! Fear Allah!

After all these doubts, we may ask, how is it possible that a man who has dedicated his life to knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah, and calls to the Salafi dawah and teaches it, not only in the Kingdom, and not only in Arabic, but also in Urdu, gives fatawa based on an “emotional attachments”?

The answer to these false doubts is simple, he did not give the fatwa based on emotional attachments, he gave it based on his knowledge and him having an emotional attachment with any group or organization was not part of his fatawa.

An example to help clarify this situation and bring understanding: A mother comes to her son for a ruling (because he is a scholar) about the permissibility of drinking alcohol. He will say it is not permissible to drink alcohol, even if it was other than his mother, and IF anything, he would be first to stop his mother because of his love and prejudice toward her!
In the above case it is clear that even if there is an emotional attachment, it helps, as he would be the first to protect them from falling into sin!

So oh you claimants of unfairness, and personal biases, may Allah guide you and correct your intentions of such implicated claims!

I went to Shaykh Waseeullah, last night before the Maghrib salat in the Haram (approximately 200 feet from the Ka’bah) where he holds his class in Abi Dawood three times a week. I told him that some brothers claim that you have (تعصب) for JAH.

He affirmed yes I do, just as I have (تعصب) for anyone who calls to the Quran and the Sunnah [with the understanding of the Salaf]. end quote.

And just as we all should ya ikhwaan! Al walaa wal baraa (association and disassociation/love and hate) should be for Allah, and how is that to be judged? If a person calls to the Quran and the Sunnah [with the understanding of the Salaf] we love him, and if he does not we hate him! Unless you believe that love and hate are not emotions, by which we would say you do not have a problem in your manhaj, but a problem in your aql!

The type of (تعصب) that is dispraised in Islam is called (التعصب الجاهلية) which is the type of bias and prejudice that was done in jahilliyah. As for (تعصب) to the Quran and the Sunnah, then this praiseworthy.

And for clarification, we show no (تعصب) to any of the mashayikh, even though we’ve studied with them. We show (تعصب), just as Shaykh Waseeullah mentioned, to the Haqq! To the Book and the Sunnah! We have no associated with JAH, nor do we know anyone from them, we are here to defend the truth and its’ people inshallah.

We defend our mashayikh not because of who they are, but because they are the defenders of the truth.

So you claimants of (تعصب)! I say you have fault in your manhaj because you claim that we should not have such (تعصب) and Allah’s refuge is sought! I also find fault in your manhaj in that you make such a statement with a vile implication against the scholars without bringing any proof!

And if anyone has a problem with these statements, then bring your proof as the Prophet salalahu alaihi wa salam said:

البينة على مدعي

The clarification is upon the claimant.

If we are at fault then we are ready to take back our statements as the Prophet of Allah salalahu alaihi wa salam has stated:

كل بني آدم خطاؤون و خير الخطائين الطوابون

All of the sons of Adam make mistakes, and the best ones of those who make mistakes are the ones who repent.

May Allah guide us to that which loves and pleases him.

And Allah knows best.

Abu Sahl Farhan Siddiqi
Safar 19, 1433
Makkah al Mukarramah, KSA

(1) The Shaykh -hafidhahullah- was called after Sh Waseeullah returned from France (i.e. within the last week) and Sh Rabee said that Sh Waseeullah was a Salafi scholar.


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2 Responses to For the People who Claim Sh Waseeullah Makes Rulings Based on His Emotions

  1. Abu Hafsah says:

    That was nice man how ppl go to far to the left and right and don’t want to be pulled back at all.

  2. Allahul-Musta’an! May Allah guide us all to what is correct and pleasing to him, ameen!

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