Dua: When is the preferable time when fasting?

In the name of Allah (The One). I send peace and blessings upon His Messenger (Al-Mustafa) and upon His Messenger’s family, companions, and those who follow him in righteousness until the Day of Judgment (Yowm Al-Qiyaamah).

Questioner: The Dua of the fasting person is answered when he breaks his fast, so when is it exactly: before he breaks his fast, while he’s breaking his fast, or afterwards? Also, are there any Dua that are recorded on the Prophet ﷺ that he made in a time like this time?

Shaykh Muhammad bin ‘Uthaymeen (rahimahullah — may Allah have mercy on him) answered: The Dua is before one breaks his fast when the sun is setting because this is when the person is at his weakest and most humble time of his fast and all of these are reasons for the Dua to be answered. As for after one breaks his fast, for he has rested, is happy, and possibly becomes negligent.

There is a Dua that has been narrated on the Prophet ﷺ, but is made after one breaks his fast, which is, “The thirst has gone, the arteries have filled, and the Ajr (blessings) has been recorded.” [Abu Dawud and ranked as Hasan by Sh. Al-Albaani]. Also, it has been recorded that some of the Sahabah used to say, “Oh Allah, for you I fasted and from your provisions I broke my fast.” Therefore, you supplicate to Allah with whatever you deem appropiate.


Taken from: http://ramadaniat.ws/fatawa/465
With that I conclude by sending peace and salutations upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and his companions.


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    Thank you and best of luck.

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