Al-Humdulillah we’ve lived to see another Jumu’ah! Let’s make this one a little bit better by praying our Sunnahs after Jumu’ah prayer! 🙂


In the name of Allah (The One). I send peace and blessings upon His Messenger (Al-Mustafa) and upon His Messenger’s family, companions, and those who follow him in righteousness until the Day of Judgement (Yowm Al-Qiyaamah).


There aren’t any narrations about praying Sunnahs before Jumu’ah. Shaykh Uthaymeen said, “There aren’t any (perscribed) Sunnahs before it (Jumu’ah). So, you can pray whatever you want without intending a specific number. So you can pray 2 Rak’ahs or what ever you want, but when the Imam enters then you refrain.”

He continued to say: If someone was to say, “Do you choose for me if I come to Jumu’ah that I busy myself with Salah or should I busy myself with reading the Qur’an?” The answer is that I see 2 Rak’ahs are a necessity, and they are Tahiyah Al-Masjid (greeting the Masjid). Other than that, the person…

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