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  1. muhammad Hall says:

    As salaamu alaikum barakallahu feekum May Allah give tawfiq ameen! I am from America namely from New York, Long Island to be exact and I would really like to ask Abdul Malik Merchant does he have family in New York at all to the best of his knowledge? I grew up with three families of Merchants and each family was very large! If you do here is my # 267 498 3028. My name is Muhammad Hall but my birth name is Patterson

    • Wa ‘Alaykum As-Salaam wa RahmatuAllahi wa Barakaatuhu!


      No, not at all. My father’s side of the family, the Merchants, are all from DC (about 2 generations) and originally from down south. Unfortunately that side of my family doesn’t have much knowledge of their lineage as my mother’s side, the Fitzgeralds, who know back over 6-7 generations. Anyways, I truly appreciate you contacting me. I pray to Allah that the website is of some benefit to you.

      Take care,

      • AbuBakr says:

        Brother Abdul-Malik. I do not know if you are aware but I need to respectfully bring this to your attention. is a very dangerous islamophobic website which uses lies and slanders against Muslims to justify its accusations. They are currently misusing YOUR name to help justify their behaviour. In the following article:
        you cite the benefits of using – this has now been noted in the ‘about us’ page.
        Please remove your mention to in your facebook article so that the enemies of Islam do not have such weapons to use against us. If you have any doubt about their nature – please look at their front page. I look forward to your speedy response, Jazakullah Khair,
        Abu Bakr

      • Wa ‘Alaykum As-Salaam wa RahmatuAllahi wa Barakaatuhu!

        WHOA!!! JazaakAllahu Khayr Akhi! SubhaanAllah! I found that over a year ago, and due to the benefit in it I shared it. It’s amazing how they’re using ME, of all people, as a solidification or a praise of their website.

        I am extremely appreciative of your comment because not only was I not aware of this but I think that article was one of the first times, and certainly the last time, I’ve ever visited that website. JazaakAllahu Khayr wa BaarikAllahu Feek! I will be removing it as soon as possible and doing whatever I can to remove this exploitation InshaAllah.


  2. AbuBakr says:

    Jazakallah khair Brother,
    I really appreciate your swift positive response! Yes, I thought it was a misunderstanding, people like them are very devious in there ways and it is a key strength of our faith that we are open to all sources of knowledge, but what they were doing was deceitful. Anyway, problem solved Alhumdullilah. Jzkh once again, if you find appropriate please delete/edit my post as this matter need not be public (but i could understand if you wanted to keep it, because these people slandered your name).
    Abu Bakr

    • Wa Eyyaak! I actually immediately deleted the article and emailed them. Unfortunately since the quote was taken off of the facebook it’s considered to the public’s usage (or something to that extent) and they don’t seem too interested in removing it. That is only a reflection on their character and how far they’d go to solidify their website.

      So, is that website really that bad? Like I said, I’ve only visited it a handful of times and I honestly don’t know.


  3. abdulhaq indunisiy says:

    Bro, y u didn’t inform me about this awesome website b4? Anyway,jazakumullahu khoiro for all the benefits

  4. Wa jazaak yaa Akhee. May Allaah bless you!

  5. Naj says:

    Assalam Alaikum Noble Brothers,

    Is it possible for me to send questions to either of you, to ask the scholars, for their advice?

    May Allah reward you with the best!


  6. Donna says:

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