Eid: Rulings, Etiquettes, Innovations, and Trangressions


In the name of Allah (The One). I send peace and blessings upon His Messenger (Al-Mustafa) and upon His Messenger’s family, companions, and those who follow him in righteousness until the Day of Judgment (Yowm Al-Qiyaamah).

Due to the closeness of ‘Eid Al-Fitr (the first of the two Muslim celebrations which comes after the completion of Ramadan), may Allah allow us and all of the Muslims to live for another one, I mentioned some of the etiquettes and Sunnahs of ‘Eid. Along with that I wanted to point out some of the bid’a (innovations) and sins that have fallen into on ‘Eid as well as the distribution of ZakatAl-Fitr before the ‘Eid prayer. With that I say, success is from Allah and from Him alone I desire aid and assistance.

It is upon you, my Muslim brother, to be diligent in distributing Zakat Al-Fitr that Allah

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About Abdul-Malik Merchant
Muslim. Husband. Father. Associate Imam @ISBCC. UQU grad. Boston resident. DC native. Biker. Goofy. Straight up.

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